Our studio is home to a collection of presses that can be used for different styles and methods of printing. It’s an eclectic mix of presses manufactured in the 19th and 20th century. We share some of their stories here. Come visit us to learn more about the rest of them.

Chandler & Price

We have two Chandler & Price 205A, Pilot (New Style) Table Top Platen Presses. One was acquired from Cass Technical High School before the demolition. And the other was acquired from a collector in Michigan. Each has a maximum form of 6" x 10."

Vandercook 325G

Manufactured in 1945 in Chicago, Illinois, the Vandercook press spent many years at Alma College before arriving at our studio. It has a bed size of 25" x 46 ¼"; a maximum sheet size of 25" x 30" and a maximum form of 24" x 24".

Vandercook 325G

Poco Proof Press

The Poco Proof Press, from College for Creative Studies, has a bed size of 24" x 14" and a maximum form of 24" x 14."

The Glockner

A fully automated cylinder press, the Glockner was acquired from Fosdick Printing, a Detroit print shop. It was manufactured in Leicester, England, on February 4, 1952. Not in operation – yet.

Triumph Proof

Say hallo! to our Triumph press. It came over on a boat from Germany, where it was manufactured. It has a bed size of 17" x 38" and a maximum form of 15" x 18."

Triumph Proof Press